Recently I had to resize some images and stumbled upon the fact that the preview.app of OS X doesn’t offer any option to select the sampling mode for resizing an image like billinear or bicubic. Even the famous pixelmator doesn’t offer this option.

As I’ve recently pushed my Java knowledge a little, I decided to write a small, fully OS X integrated, Java application over the weekend for easy resizing pictures and the possibility to select between the different sampling modes.

You can use drag and drop to drop an image into the app or just press Command-O or the choose button to select an image. Change the resolution, press save, save as, command-s or shift-command-s and you will find your image saved as a .png file.

I’m not quit sure, but I believe that my App will require that you have the latest Java update from Apple installed.

For future releases I plan to ingrate several file formats for saving, unit selection (pixel/cm/inch) and batch resizing.

I want to thank Kenneth Orr from Exploding Pixels for his great work on MacWidgets, which I’ve slightly modified for my use.

jResizer Download