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Custom configuration sections for .NET made easy

Februar 2nd, 2012 — 11:13pm

Currently I’m working on a bigger project, containing a quit complex web service, talking to a even more complex command line application. Today I realised, that the configuration of my web service was in the need of becoming a little bit more flexible than originally estimated. As I’ve already written a few custom configuration sections, I was desperately trying to find an easier solution as the creation of configuration sections is an extremely time consuming but yet stupid task.

On my search through the web I found this great Visual Studio 2010 plugin which offers a visual designer for creating configuration sections. Despite saving time on writing code, this plugin also creates appropriate xsd schemas which enables Visual Studio to offer auto completion on changing the configuration file.

After installing the plugin, add a new item to your project of the type ConfigurationSectionDesigner which will appear in the add item dialog. The rest is a piece of cake!

I have immediately fallen in love with this plugin.

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